A Mindful Move

For our true heroes in the Himalayas.


What are we up to in a nutshell.

Many questions! What to do Kathmandu!? First we’ll answer them here shortly, scroll down further for a bigger elaboration.

What are we going to do?
We are fundraising for gear for the porters in Nepal so they can have a more comfortable & safe experience in the Himalayas. This includes (branded) gloves, trousers, jackets & shoes. We are also buffering up a fund for when porters happen to be in accidents and cannot perform their work anymore, we look for a customised sustainable new way of working for them.

Why them?
They are in our eyes, the ones who make tourism possible in the mountains. They carry the tourist’s food, gear, they carry items for housing & blankets.

They are rarely walking in proper equipment, which makes them more prone to accidents & to uncomfortable situations. All the money they earn during the trek goes to the family and gear is not the priority.

Why donate?
We are making sure they’re able to walk safely and more comfortably in the mountains by providing them with the right equipment. We are providing the support when they’re not able to perform their task anymore.

Starting from 18 October till 8 November we are heading on a transformative journey to Nepal including setting up this initiative in Nepal for the porters.

Can I join?
Yes you can join us! It will be life changing and life transforming! Click here to find out more

Why follow & want to follow?
To witness the life in Nepal through our eyes and those of the porters. Become witness of the beauty of this inward journey and outside and delivering the gear to the people.

Imagine walking 8 hours a day, and add an additional 30kg on your back,



Where does the money go?

A porter earns €12,- a day for a full day of walking. Carrying between 20 and 80kg’s on their back. Working hard in high-season to compensate for the off-season. Little is left, so they hope for good tips. Which fluctuates a lot. Buying shoes or gear of good quality is not on top of their priority list. That is taking care of the family. It increases the chances of accidents as they are walking less safely & less comfortably.

We are here not to “solve” the problem, but to reach out a hand by providing them with the gear they need. To let them know they’re being seen and being valued for their work.

We will be locally producing jackets, gloves, trousers, and donated shoes to the porters. These items can be branded.

See below for more specifics.

Why donate as a company?

First, because you’re supporting the hard working people in one of the poorest countries in the world. You encourage safe adventures in the mountains! Donations are business deductible. For more information click here.

What your donation does

€25,-: will provide the porters with gloves, trousers & jacket
€50,- the above + our insurance fund for the porters
€100,- the above + help rent a space to hand out items
€500,- + the above + branding on the jackets

The Gear Handout & method

Together with our local friends from Nepal who are now guides and have been porters we have come up with a system that inspires re-use and re-cycle. Porters can visit our soon to be determined office/location to pick up the gear against a very small administration fee of around €2,- so they can use the gear. This has been set in place to they take good care of the items, not to make money. The items come back after use. Note this amount does not cover a rental fee, only administrative costs + a deposit for use.

The Insurance Fund & method

The insurance fund has been set in place by those porters who are no longer able to perform the task of a porter due to a physical disability or mental. Often they depend on this work only and if they are no longer able to work, they are no longer able to provide for the family financially. We are together, with our Nepali local team to find a customised & sustainable option for working so they can continue to provide in a way that workds for them. Before with a handicapped porter this has meant building a small greenhouse of plastic construction worth €600,- so he could produce vegetables and sell them. Porters can apply for this fund.

Trailer – The Porter

Meet the Team & Organisations involved

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An initiative focused on guiding people to their inner nature and being outside (again). Connecting people, nature & themselves.

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