About ANJ

A Neverending Journey is more of a way of living


Our way

A Neverending Journey is inspires people to be more courageous in life and pushes the importance of real human connection. Specially in these fast paced times where society rushes through the day, we tend to ‘sacrifice’ unintentionally in the good conversations, the real reflection, the worlds that we experience from the inside.
We bring people back to nature too. To their own nature via reflective activities and exercises. We also bring them physically back to nature, experiences that inspire you to really tune in that what’s happening around you and inside. We follow the seasons of nature, just like they live inside of us. There’s time to flourish and to think about and start projects & there’s time to sink in & slow down like in winter.
Sometimes this results in massive journeys to Nepal, Germany, Portugal. Relaxing in tree houses in the winter seasons to slow down.and their own nature.
We also organise experiences for companies to inspire an adventurous and courageous mindset that dilutes into work. These experiences also invite in human connection. Where a colleague becomes an acquaintance and sometimes friends. Like in the movies, we would fight harder, run faster, laugh more, work harder, when we would know who we are doing it for, because we’re in this adventure of life together. Now we inspire colleagues in nature to integrate this mindset so it radiates into the corporate culture too.
All in all, a combination of adventure/nature and real connection that you will not easily find somewhere else.

“We don’t do typical workshops, we do bonfires to connect, we bring adventure to build courage.”

Meet the team

Oscar Alonso Delgado


Oscar is a well seasoned adventurer & traveler. Spending over 1,5 years traveling and 1,5 years living abroad. Spending over 5 months in Nepal, he confidently says that Nepal feels as his second home. Climbed over 6000 meters in the Himalayas, several trekkings by himself and a total of 7 treks, and following a year course on bushcraft & native skills. This means you’ll be in good hands on the practical parts.

Besides the practical parts oscar has guided over nearly 600 people through the common journey of life. Some leading to lasting changes.

He brings you back to humanness, embracing who you are, helps you see the light within yourself and encourages you to follow the adventurous spirit inside.

Eva Spigt

Ask Eva if she has done it, and she probably has. driving a car to Gambia, parachute jumps, tv programs, writing a book, running a successful business.

A nature fanatic, caring about it too! She’s always in for and always says yes to adventure (ready or not)

inspired by people and connection wanting to give something back to nature & the people.

An example when it comes to being open to people and to life

Anton Nootenboom


Anton has served in the army and learned everything about physical challenges, mental challenges, vulnerability & mental strength. He is driven by the mental wellbeing of people. He has a same connection to Nepal and speaking up for mental wellbeing led him to barefoot walking in the Himalayas doing the Everest Basecamp trek and setting a world record barefoot walking. He’s into truly connecting with people, guiding them through their own journey and being of support wherever he can.

He will be doing the same for you on this Journey Nepal.

A fun person to be around and inspires you to make a lasting change in your life.

What we help you do

Whether for businesses or individuals, same same, we’re dealing with people. This is what we as ANJ help you accomplish:

  • Create a strong attitude towards life, like a mountain.

  • Identifying your pitfalls and the things you’re good at.

  • Daring to trust your fellow humans, jump off the cliff and trust on his/her hand.

  • Learning to trust on yourself and life. Life loves adventure and those who follow their dream!

  • Setting a clear course in your life based on your life values, adventure starts with sense of direction.

  • Developing courage to be vulnerable, we’re not so different from one another.

  • Becoming brave so that you dare to face your fears, this time we smile at our fear, and do it anyway.

  • Creating meaning or purpose for whatever you’re (already) doing. Believe us you really are.

  • Learning ways of thinking on how to communicate and create a harmonious environment.

  • Willingness to help your fellow humans and/or colleagues out, it’s really that simple.

  • Owning your personal growth, creating a domino effect in your surrounding.

“No guru telling you how to live your life, we do this together”

The Birth of ANJ

Throughout all of his adventures, being abroad for over 3 years and having this great curiosity in life for the way we work and how life works, there was one thing that really stuck with him: “Along my Journey that I call life I realized that wherever we come from or where ever we stand in life – that we are not so different from one another. We all could use some guidance in the Journey of Life; because we have been there, we are there right now, or maybe will be in the future”. By mixing the ingredients of courage, connection and adventure and a lot of headaches, ANJ was born.

Our Support program

The image above speaks for itself. We are currently supporting the ‘Feed Nepal’ organisation to feed the children in Nepal so that they continue to go to school. Thanks to the different donations from us and other people, the children managed to go from no lunch, to cookies, to instant noodles, and now to rice and an egg.

Want to support these tiny ones with a relatively small amount? You can click here.