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A Neverending Journey is more of a way of living

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Our way

A Neverending Journey is more of a way of living. We transform attitudes towards life, together and alone. How you can best manoeuvre through it. We guide you through the unique ‘6 ways’ of ‘the Journey’ and at the core you’ll find: adventure, courage and connection. We create landscapes and opportunities, with and for people, to discover their Way. Because we believe; we’re in this together.


The attitude towards life, discovering new worlds, ways and places.


Sharing worlds and stories with fellow life-adventurers and taking care of each other and the earth.


To be vulnerable, to speak up, to be consistent and to follow your heart.

“We don’t do typical workshops, we do bonfires.”

What we help you do

Whether for businesses or individuals, same same, we’re dealing with people. This is what we as ANJ help you accomplish:

  • Create a strong attitude towards life, like a mountain.

  • Identifying your pitfalls and the things you’re good at.

  • Daring to trust your fellow humans, jump off the cliff and trust on his/her hand.

  • Learning to trust on yourself and life. Life loves adventure and those who follow their dream!

  • Setting a clear course in your life based on your life values, adventure starts with sense of direction.

  • Developing courage to be vulnerable, we’re not so different from one another.

  • Becoming brave so that you dare to face your fears, this time we smile at our fear, and do it anyway.

  • Creating meaning or purpose for whatever you’re (already) doing. Believe us you really are.

  • Learning ways of thinking on how to communicate and create a harmonious environment.

  • Willingness to help your fellow humans and/or colleagues out, it’s really that simple.

  • Owning your personal growth, creating a domino effect in your surrounding.

“No guru telling you how to live your life, we do this together”

The Birth of ANJ

Throughout all of his adventures, being abroad for over 3 years and having this great curiosity in life for the way we work and how life works, there was one thing that really stuck with him: “Along my Journey that I call life I realized that wherever we come from or where ever we stand in life – that we are not so different from one another. We all could use some guidance in the Journey of Life; because we have been there, we are there right now, or maybe will be in the future”. By mixing the ingredients of courage, connection and adventure and a lot of headaches, ANJ was born.

Our Support program

The image above speaks for itself. We are currently supporting the ‘Feed Nepal’ organisation to feed the children in Nepal so that they continue to go to school. Thanks to the different donations from us and other people, the children managed to go from no lunch, to cookies, to instant noodles, and now to rice and an egg.

Want to support these tiny ones with a relatively small amount? You can click here.


Meet the family

Oscar Alonso Delgado Initiator

Driven by the courage and the fire that lives inside every one, the connection with others, and the love for people and nature.

His adventures have taken him above 6180 meters in the Himalayas, to meet the Dalai Lama, lunch with Indian Royal Family, 100 hours of meditation in 10 days, riding reindeer and getting lost in a forest in Mongolia, volunteering and raising money for the needy children, altitude sickness, rescuing a puppy and being his companion for a week.

Favourite quote: “the universe favours the brave”.

Sophia Berends

The artist. The goddess. Creating all the beautiful illustrations come from here. But there’s more. She brings in the vibe, the small details and the taking care. As an intern she’s learning from the best. [Guess who typed this]

Regina Pater

The ‘I got you’ type. Always one step ahead in thinking and acting. If she wouldn’t be there, Oscar’s life would be a constant chase to keep up with deadlines and activities. Ah and a complete chaos! An adventurer and survivor in real life. Knows how to do almost everything, and if not, she makes sure she will be able soon enough. Unmissable in the fellowship.