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Camping & Connecting
with people & nature

Netherlands | 2023


Back to Basics

A multiple day event of bonfires, healthy food, tents and meaningful conversations where the aim is, and always will be connecting. Take a break, get the vibes of being on a trip with all the elements of fun and depth & easy goings with a bunch of like-minded people.

What’s practically waiting for you…



Group size

The group will be between 12 and 20. A life-guide facilitating the event, our massive adventure chef.


Every night there will be a bonfire, every morning you can wake up with a coffee or a tea, enjoy the site. The intention of this event is to connect, with yourself, like minded people and nature. We’re here to grow. So if you’re up for an adventure inward and connecting while enjoying the company of nature, this is for you.


This will be multiple day events camping, mostly in the weekends. Arrival day is the first day and departure day the last day.


June: Thursday 8 till Sunday 11
September: Thursday 21 till 24 Sun


€387,- incl. VAT (4 days)

  • Camping spot
  • Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee & tea)
  • Wood for bonfire
  • Tourist tax
  • Coach & facilitator
  • Tent (rent optional €20)
  • Sleeping bag (rent optional €20)
  • Sleeping mat (€10)
  • Own dish & spork, mug (please no disposable stuff :))
  • Electricity is available on our site!
  • If you want a chair, better bring your own! We bring sum’!
  • Transport to location
  • Alcohol, snacks & drinks



At all times we’re here to connect. Whether that is with yourself, each other or being in nature.


Every. single. night. a. bonfire. The place to be where good conversations and fun is guaranteed!

Group sharing

Come together around bonfires or simply just anywhere to share worlds, emotions and stories in a safe environment.


Whether it is a fun exercise, or meditation, going for a walk, a card game. We have a set of things and your input is always welcome!


There’s always someone in our team who can guide you on your life’s path. Someone who has done the work and obviously always continue in doing so. An experienced person in coaching people.

Healthy Food

Our adventurer chef is a master at cooking healthy and vegan. You never had such good food while camping out!

Introduction video – Back to Basic

What people like you experienced

“Oscar has this magical gift to bring people together and have them create deep bonds in the blink of an eye. He’s genuinely curious about what makes other people tick and has no judgment. He’s a great listener. Other than that the group carried itself somehow. Even for my 4-year old the experience was amazing”

- Debby

“That it’s beautiful to literally go back to basics with like minded people, enjoying the simple things life has to offer and that we humans are always more alike than we think but still very unique in every way. ”

- Nigel

“For me it was all that I needed! It brought me so much joy! My heart is full and I bring back a lot of inspiration from the people I have met. Oscar is such a loving and positive person. He has the ability to feel what the group needs and acts on it. So stop doubting, and join the next Back to Basics! I promise you.. You won’t regret it!”

- Elke

“Let’s just keep it simple, have meaningful conversations, enjoy being together while being surrounded by nature”

Meet your guide

Hi there!

My name is Oscar, I like to call myself a life-alchemist, a Jedi and an adventurer. Sounds like a big-deal right!?

Nothing more than just a big fan of life that came to realise after traveling a great part of the world and always dealing with different people, that we’re not so different from each other. We go through the same phases, deal with the same emotions, identity and search for meaning. And this is what I want to share, by creating an opportunity to share this journey called life together. Obviously with a lot of adventure, courage and connection. Because we’re in this together.

Adventurer chef Ibrahim Astitou

Since he was 14 he’s been cookin’ in the kitchen and vegan for 4 years.
One of the intentions of his vegan cooking is showing that you can make good food while it being vegan.

This is Carlos, who believes that the greatest universe lives inside all of us, but great adventures also await in the outer world. For this journey you need to fuel up your body and mind and as a vegan chef his mission is showing the world that eating healthy, honest, locally sourced vegan food is not only super delicious but will also change your life. A healthier gut, better sleep, stronger immune system are “just” the side effects, the real transformation happens deep inside you. HIs efforts are being recognised by 100+ people on a daily basis at one of the top event locations in Amsterdam. When he is not in the kitchen, you’ll find him in nature, probably under a tarp and the stars in some deep forest, practising the “Going out for going in” principle of his motto: ¨The less i care, the more I am!¨. When eating his food, follow these words, stop caring about the world and its noises. Stay in the moment, pay attention to the plate in your hand, take a bite of everything that life throws at you and enjoy the palette of flavours. You can find the menu in the FAQ section!


How to get there?2021-04-07T14:48:12+00:00

There’s a public transport stop literally in front of the terrain. From Amsterdam it will take approx 2 hours and 11 minutes. Our plan is to always carpool! So if you want to join someone let us know!

Are pets allowed?2021-03-23T12:13:59+00:00

Unfortunately there are no pets allowed to keep us company. However, the camping has horses, squirrels and sheep running around! So we’ve some company!

How does the menu look like?2021-03-22T12:07:48+00:00

Oh you better be ready for it. Everything is vegan.



Pumpkin curry with bulgur, edamame beans, tauge, chickpeas, carrot, koriander, lime


Overnight oats with peanut butter, chia seeds, red berries

To-go lunch:

Sriracha hummus – smoked tofu – rucola baguette

Raw courgette tartare sandwich 


Red lentil dahl with quinoa, tempeh bacon, cauliflower, broccoli, coconut herb yoghurt


Rice porridge with chuka wakame, pickled radish, corn

To-go lunch

Tahini – pickled-roasted mushroom – iceberg – multigrain buns

Miso – corn – sesame oil – roasted ratatouille veggies – mesclun – wraps


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