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For those who want to feel more at home in nature via skills & knowledge.


5 day Immersion

A 5 day event in Sweden learning all tricks & tools to thrive in nature & gain all the knowledge about flora & fauna.

For those (from all levels from never slept in nature till whatever level) who’ve always dreamed of what it truly means to survive in the wild like our ancestors did & the tribes. What it means to work with nature, learning to understand it, how it moves, how you can live with it and from it.

We are literally going back to the roots.

Working with natural materials, how to make fire, building shelter, how to fish (which means where & how to put your nets), the world of trees and plants & their function & much more.

What makes this different than your average bushcraft weekend? Let’s sum up!

1. we do more than bushcraft, we learn to work with natural materials only. Bushcraft allows modern items too as steel!

2. We’re in Sweden in no-mans land and within Sweden a special place where there’s literally no person to spot.

Together with Thijmen Apswoude from Living by Nature, the spearhead when it comes to living in nature & by nature & Oscar Alonso Delgado from A Neverending Journey & The Gathering of Men.

We are ready to bring you not only back to nature, but also to your inner essence, your inner nature.

Be aware for the side effects of this being a life changing experience.



Group size

The group is limited to 20 people + 2 (life) guides to ensure the intimacy of the group and have an equal and honest energy division amongst all.


We’ll be entering the forest in the area of Thorsby in Sweden surrounded by lakes. It will be close to Torsby. Which means there’s several ways of getting there.

**We can always pick you up from Torsby.

By car(pool): We’ll make sure that when people sign up we see if there’s people willing to carpool. You navigate on Torsby, which is about a 4hr drive from Götenborg.

By plane: You can fly on Göthenborg or Oslo (make sure to check in a 15kg + bagage to be assured of what you need. From there you can take preferrably a train (see option below for part 2) to Torsby for about 5hrs.

By train from Göthenborg: perhaps the best option, a 4,24hr ride. You can book through Rome2Rio. Göteborg Centralstation to Torsby Station (Torsby, Värmland County, Sweden)

We will see if there’s also rides going from Torsby that you can possibly join!

Duration & Program

Our program will be 5 days long. We recommend you to arrive on day 0 and departure day is on day 6. Which means 5 full days in nature and 2 total days for arrival and departure.


July 2024

Tuesday 23 till Saturday 27 July (22 July is arrival day & 28 departure)


€850,- incl. VAT – 5 days (if you cannot pay at once drop us a message!)

Included all
  • Accommodation ground
  • All food
  • Hiking (guide)
  • The majority of items for activities
  • Some good ol’ 10% to 30% discount for outdoor shopping
  • Transport to location
  • Travel insurance
  • Equipment & gear
  • Unplanned surprises brought to us by life!


Building shelther

Build a shelter from all natural materials that you will be sleeping in for the remainder of the days, like they used to do back in the days.

Learn about Nature

Change your perspective on nature forever. From loving it to also now knowing it. What plant/tree can serve what purpose. Learn to understand why nature moves the way it does.


A fire for mental & physical warmth. The place to be where good conversations and fun is guaranteed!

Bushcraft skills

Develop your bushcraft skills. Not just the regular one, but the real one. No fire-stick, you & natural materials.

Personal focus

As we’re touching upon real adventure & the essence, we also want to do the same with you on the personal level. To see what is truly important to you. We’re here to guide you if needed.

What people like you experienced

“I now know better what direction I want to take and became aware of the power of human connection”

- Dennis

“Whether or not it seems necessary to you, you’ll find it insightful, adventurous, confronting but fun. You’ll be able to push your boundaries & challenge yourself. All while connecting with yourself, others and nature”

- Manon

“Very supportive guidance, good trekking route and camps. I feel more powerful and with much more confidence”

- Evelien

“No guru telling you how to live your life, we do this together”

Meet Oscar Alonso Delgado

What’s up! Oscar here. Massively excited to announce this upcoming collaboration with Thijmen Apswoude from Living by Nature. I’ve been spending a lot of time in nature and doing adventurous stuff. The connection with nature has always been there & the love for it too.

I also felt that something I could become better at. Those were the actual skills & knowledge about nature & learn to thrive in it. I understood that nature is indifferent no matter who it comes down to. So better know your sh*t 🙂

I’ll be here to guide you together with Thijmen through the 5 day immersion & super excited!

Meet Thijmen Apswoude

Thijmen Apswoude is the founder of Living by Nature. He’s been in the field of bushcraft & native skills for over 18 years. Sometimes heading into nature just by himself to be with nature & feel again how they used to live. Luckily he decided to give back of what he has become and is teaching people how to live in, with and by nature again. The knowledge and experience of the oldest and wisest tree. When you’re around Thijmen you catch yourself being very sharp, knowing that every word (nearly every word :P) can make the difference in your experience and knowledge about nature.


I am not familiar with bushcraft or being in nature2024-02-17T16:41:59+00:00

It’s not about what you already know. It’s about the willingness of you to learn and be in it. It is not for the die hard adventurers. We make it accessible for everyone and yes you will be challenged. Because this way of living and working is new for many. But we promise you it will be an experience to never forget.

Is it normal if I come alone?2024-02-17T16:52:43+00:00

For sure! Actually we encourage you to come alone if you’re doubting. Because we also focus on the human aspect people leave with new acquaintances, friend and co-adventurers to share similar adventures with.

The arrival days and departure days?2024-02-17T16:56:02+00:00

As we’re commiting the full 5 days to the event and will start early morning and will make good use of the last day too we invite you to come one day before the event starts and leave the day after the event ends. As start day and time will be around 10:00 and the last day end in the night.

How to get to location?2024-02-17T17:01:53+00:00

We’ll further elaborate on this. But options are driving there with fellow adventurers, flying in. More information will follow, but according to big boss Thijmen, it always finds its way.

What is the location like? Are we safe?2024-03-13T13:01:50+00:00
It is a place that is stretched out, with a variety of heights, with large rivers. You can find fish, berries, there’s swamps, small animals, roe deer, red deer, mooses, all kind of birds. This will be a very unique place where we are actually allowed to wild camp.
We are in good hands with Thijmen as this is his go to place. Don’t worry about safety, we can move pretty swiftly to a main road in case of emergency.
What bag can I take & kilo’s2024-03-13T13:01:16+00:00

A gear list will follow soon. If you need a quick reply in terms of booking your ticket and the amount of KG you’re checking in, then better go for 18kg-ish+. Bring a backpack as we will be entering the forest and do some walking to set up camp. No suitcases, a back that you can carry comfortably for a minute or 30.

If I bring valuable items, will they be safe?2024-03-13T13:00:45+00:00

If you’re bringing some stuff that is of value to you, such as electronics, passport. Don’t worry they will be more than safe with us. The electronic stuff you can leave at the house of the friend there. We go in with no connection 🙂

Sanitary & hygiene, what’s up with that?2024-03-13T13:03:50+00:00

NO PROBLEM. We have the most delicious fresh spring rivers and lakes where you can shower WITH A VIEW. In terms of #1, you can do it anywhere really, just not where we walk :). #2 a dedicated place with view which will be for some an experience of pooping outdoors!.


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