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Our grains of sand

What we’ve experienced through our travels and witnessing the world and experiencing the people, is that we are in this together. Nature will always be part of our nature, and we’ll always co-exist with nature and with each other. So why not help each other out and bundle forces. We carefully pick our projects and some we’ve set up ourselves. Which one those are doesn’t matter :), just as long as we contribute.

From supporting in providing lunch, to donating a share of our revenue, and collecting outdoor items for those who can use it.

See below for the projects we’re super excited about!



Providing the tiny kids some proper food at school and everything else they need to give their schooling an honest chance.

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We donate a % of our revenue to projects that back earth and people.

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For those who always do us the favour, who work the hardest and are the least well equipped – financially & gear-wise. We return the favour.

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Feed Nepal –

This is what your donation does

For only €18,50 you’re ensuring one kid for a year long lunch at school. So they can fill up their bellies and have an honest shot at attending school.

What is your donation used for?

We always communicate with our partners from Feed Nepal and they ask for a ‘go’ on the things they need. They practically ask us; ‘can we use your donation for school utensils, to buy food, clothing etc… They provide us with heartwarming videos and pictures to show you and us what the impact has been.


You can always do a fundraising for these tiny ones. Just get in touch with us and we can always plan a call with the people from ‘Feed Nepal’. We’ll help you come up with a cool idea for fundraising!



The biggest share of the money goes to their daily nourishment. They are now getting served rice and eggs, of which many kids actually take the food back home to share it with their families. Let us make sure there’s enough for all.

Per month it costs approximately €2,50 per month per kid to provide them with nutritious food.

They went from nothing, to cookies, to instant noodles and now a proper meal as rice and egg. But they depend on people supporting them.

School utilities

These items vary, but one familiar ‘challenge’ is the children not having a school uniform. The uniforms serve as not being able to distinguish who can afford the outfit or not. Sometimes their clothes would even have private parts showing, which is dangerous. A share of the money goes to yearly school uniforms and utilities needed to attend school (pencils, books, notebooks etc…) The uniform consists of: shoes, belt, skirt/short, top, tie and handkerchief). The uniform only costs €8.75 per year.

Supporting the volunteers

They refuse to accept any salary as they only want the kids to be fine. But it is ran by Nepali women who are really working in service of the kids, but we want them to have a break as well. So of every donation/fundraising we want them to, first of all, earn a salary. Secondly, to go spoil themselves with a day-trip, a wellness or whatever they would like to do!

They love coffee, but a coffee is a big treat there that they only get twice a month because it is too expensive.

Meet the Feed Nepal family & their mission

“No guru telling you how to live your life, we do this together”

Meet the Feed Nepal Family

Hi there!

Our name is Ayusha and Ritu. We’re

What made you do this?

Is it hard work and uncertain at times? Why?



Sanitary & hygiene, what’s up with that?2024-03-13T13:03:50+00:00

NO PROBLEM. We have the most delicious fresh spring rivers and lakes where you can shower WITH A VIEW. In terms of #1, you can do it anywhere really, just not where we walk :). #2 a dedicated place with view which will be for some an experience of pooping outdoors!.

If I bring valuable items, will they be safe?2024-03-13T13:00:45+00:00

If you’re bringing some stuff that is of value to you, such as electronics, passport. Don’t worry they will be more than safe with us. The electronic stuff you can leave at the house of the friend there. We go in with no connection 🙂

What bag can I take & kilo’s2024-03-13T13:01:16+00:00

A gear list will follow soon. If you need a quick reply in terms of booking your ticket and the amount of KG you’re checking in, then better go for 18kg-ish+. Bring a backpack as we will be entering the forest and do some walking to set up camp. No suitcases, a back that you can carry comfortably for a minute or 30.

What is the location like? Are we safe?2024-03-13T13:01:50+00:00
It is a place that is stretched out, with a variety of heights, with large rivers. You can find fish, berries, there’s swamps, small animals, roe deer, red deer, mooses, all kind of birds. This will be a very unique place where we are actually allowed to wild camp.
We are in good hands with Thijmen as this is his go to place. Don’t worry about safety, we can move pretty swiftly to a main road in case of emergency.
How to get to location?2024-02-17T17:01:53+00:00

We’ll further elaborate on this. But options are driving there with fellow adventurers, flying in. More information will follow, but according to big boss Thijmen, it always finds its way.

The arrival days and departure days?2024-02-17T16:56:02+00:00

As we’re commiting the full 5 days to the event and will start early morning and will make good use of the last day too we invite you to come one day before the event starts and leave the day after the event ends. As start day and time will be around 10:00 and the last day end in the night.

Is it normal if I come alone?2024-02-17T16:52:43+00:00

For sure! Actually we encourage you to come alone if you’re doubting. Because we also focus on the human aspect people leave with new acquaintances, friend and co-adventurers to share similar adventures with.

I am not familiar with bushcraft or being in nature2024-02-17T16:41:59+00:00

It’s not about what you already know. It’s about the willingness of you to learn and be in it. It is not for the die hard adventurers. We make it accessible for everyone and yes you will be challenged. Because this way of living and working is new for many. But we promise you it will be an experience to never forget.

How does ‘do we do’ food?2022-01-19T16:22:46+00:00

There’s a budget that we have that we can spend on food. The intention is to prepare the meals together. See it as another activity that we do together. Bond, team up and get it poppin’ in the kitchen!

How does the accommodation look like?2021-09-22T10:10:33+00:00

We’re staying in 2 big tree houses, each of them has 4 cabins, with each 4 bunk beds. All of them have their own shower and bathroom including heater! Sheets included!

Can I bring alcohol?2021-09-22T10:05:16+00:00

The choice is always up to you. We do encourage you to keep it sober, to really give the body a rest so it can recharge.

How do I get to the location?2021-09-22T10:04:41+00:00

It is possible to get to the location by public transport, we will try to carpool once the group has been established

How does a typical day look like?2021-09-22T10:03:12+00:00

Wake up in the morning with the sound of birds, from your bed and when you’re ready make your way to the big common room where there’s the smell of incense waiting for you and a cup of tea/coffee. Join the meditation in the morning and after that a moment of reflection time in silence with focus on the theme of that day. Then we’ll have breakfast all together and the afternoon, there’s always an activity, i.e. nature walk. In the evening after dinner we gather around the fireplace and talk about the theme of that day and share worlds. We connect, enjoy and have fun.

What do I really need for this journey for the trekking part?2021-06-29T23:08:41+00:00

This trekking will give you a good idea of what it means to be on a multiple day hike. It is a bit like if you go sporting, you can bring shorts, leggings, some sport socks. Make sure to always bring a nice warm fleece sweater and a waterproof jacket. Important are shoes that offer you a bit more grip and are more solid for a good day of walking. Therefore, some trail shoes or ankle protection is really recommended. Besides that you’ll be backpacking! A backpack of approx 50 liters would suffice. If you’re in need of items that you may not be using again we can always rent them out to you.

So, backpack 50 liter, good walking shoes, fleece sweater, rain jacket may be things you haven’t got yet. Sport outfits you may have already.

Please know that before we leave you’ll get a video and a packing list on what to bring.

How to get there?2021-04-07T14:48:12+00:00

There’s a public transport stop literally in front of the terrain. From Amsterdam it will take approx 2 hours and 11 minutes. Our plan is to always carpool! So if you want to join someone let us know!

Are pets allowed?2021-03-23T12:13:59+00:00

Unfortunately there are no pets allowed to keep us company. However, the camping has horses, squirrels and sheep running around! So we’ve some company!

How does the menu look like?2021-03-22T12:07:48+00:00

Oh you better be ready for it. Everything is vegan.



Pumpkin curry with bulgur, edamame beans, tauge, chickpeas, carrot, koriander, lime


Overnight oats with peanut butter, chia seeds, red berries

To-go lunch:

Sriracha hummus – smoked tofu – rucola baguette

Raw courgette tartare sandwich 


Red lentil dahl with quinoa, tempeh bacon, cauliflower, broccoli, coconut herb yoghurt


Rice porridge with chuka wakame, pickled radish, corn

To-go lunch

Tahini – pickled-roasted mushroom – iceberg – multigrain buns

Miso – corn – sesame oil – roasted ratatouille veggies – mesclun – wraps

Difficulty of activities2021-02-17T11:50:59+00:00

This is a very moderate Journey in terms of adventure travel. We’ll do day hikes and you can learn how to surf and practice yoga. But in no need of being an advanced yogi, or mountaineer. Don’t worry if there’s any worries in terms of your fitness. However, if there’s something we should know about you ‘challenge’ please let us know.

What to bring?2021-02-17T11:48:28+00:00

For this Journey you don’t need much, this will be provided to you before we go. Many things are there, but you may want some nice sneakers for day-hikes and a warm sweater and jacket just in case 🙂 The rest will follow when you sign up.


There’s always a coach present to help you in this process and to guide the group during the group sessions if necessary. This means that during your Journey, that person is always available to you serving the group and you. Don’t hesitate to have a chat!

For who is this Journey?2021-02-17T11:44:49+00:00

We don’t have criterias. We’re more about a mentality group instead of a ‘target group’. So if you’re a curious life adventurer wanting to explore life even more and yourself. Then this is your chance. Don’t worry about relative things as ‘age’. If you feel it, just do it.

Food & Drinks2021-02-17T11:42:21+00:00

Breakfast is provided by our hosts. Many things are organic and fresh/homemade items. The rest we shop in the supermarkets nearby and we cook together taking shifts. Alcohol and softdrinks are not included in the price. You can pay at the end of our stay directly to the location.

How do our rooms look like?2021-02-17T11:40:41+00:00

In general we’ll be sharing rooms. We genuinely believes it adds to the experience, as shown you can sign up for different types of rooms. 3 pax, 4 pax, 6 pax, 2 pax. Depending on which one you choose some additional price will be paid.

How does the payment works?2021-02-17T11:36:30+00:00

You are given the option to pay in instalments or all at once. Please note that for applying for the Journey a 20% payment has to be made within 3 days.

How do I get to the location?2021-02-17T11:35:10+00:00

This is up to you and is your responsibility. But our intention is to carpool if we come from the same places. The nearest airport is Bordeaux.

What flights are the best to take?2021-01-18T15:28:09+00:00

Take them early. It would be amazing if we can receive you between 11 and 16 on Lisbon airport. There’s a particular flight with transit in Madrid that’s cheap and a good shot! Departure time from Amsterdam: 11:05 and arrival time would be 15:10. Check out Skyscanner and make sure to clear your ‘cache’ and history. The system identifies popularity of flights and raises the price.

What is the refund for this Journey?2021-09-22T09:43:19+00:00

We’ve agreed with the majority of our partners to get a full refund if the Journey gets cancelled due to COVID. Which means that our aim is to provide you as much back as we can. If we manage to do that, then you can decide whether you want to leave a share for the effort made. Please know that it’s your own responsibility if you get sick. We will at least have to cover the costs we made for counting on you (groceries, accommodation etc…) and cover the time it will take us to find a new person. Only in the end we will be able to tell you what the refund will be. This depends on each Journey. We’re not responsible for you getting sick beforehand. Even then we’ll try to give back as much as we can.

What gear do I need to arrange myself?2021-01-18T15:14:40+00:00

For Portugal this means simple hiking gear, proper shoes that you can walk on for a day, some sport clothes and a jacket to protect you from rain and wind. Like you would go on a good prepared hiking day.

Can I join this course at any time?2021-01-11T11:14:27+00:00

Yes. Please note that every mail will be sent on Sunday morning and the motivational mail on Wednesday morning.

What about the accommodation?2021-01-11T10:55:18+00:00

We have several rooms that we can make use of. Each bed is a separate bed. The house has a pool and a place for bonfires where we can gather at night. There’s grass and the beach is at walking distance.

How do I get to the location?2021-01-11T10:53:20+00:00

We got you on this one. We’ll try to combine flights so it becomes easier to pick you up all at once.

My question is not in here2021-01-11T11:18:27+00:00

Don’t worry be happy. Just send us a message to info@aneverendingjourney.com and we’ll get back to you asap.

How do I get there?2021-06-29T23:11:13+00:00

Our basecamp/house is in Alpirsbach in Germany. There are several options to get there. Normally we carpool together to get to the location. Also public transport leaves you close to the house.

What about the big C?2021-09-22T09:45:05+00:00

#everyone is always and will always be welcome. There’s plenty of space to move around each other and to maintain the distance. We respect everyone’s decision within that. Besides that, you will have to sign a form where you will be held accountable for your responsibility regarding C in terms of making sure you show up healthy, which the majority luckily is for 90% of the time.

Is there a program?2021-01-10T18:53:28+00:00

Yes there is. There’s daily activities that you can join. For instance, the group conversations, nature walk, meditation etc… But if you want to stay in and do something else, all good. This is your quality time.

Where will we be staying?2021-01-10T18:46:37+00:00

In a frikkin’ treehouse! The cabins within the treehouse can host 4 people per cabin, you’re staying with one other person. Enough space to move around.

What about the food?2021-01-10T12:00:58+00:00

This will be minimum vegetarian, on the first day food is provided, then we sit together and decide and what to eat and then we cook together. It’s good fun! Ah and outside we’ve a barbecue! During the trek it’s simple oatmeal morning, some lunch, and expedition food in the night! The real experience!

What is the difficulty of the trek?2021-01-10T11:59:23+00:00

It’s challenging but doable. We believe in rising in our power and see that the mind is often what limits us. A 3 day trek can be challenging, but won’t wore you out. Therefore, by the time you’re really done, you’re already back. We’ll be carrying our food and tents for the 3 days! It’s a real adventure!! I am sure you got this, we’ve had person with chronic fatigue who made it (on willpower).

What will be our accommodation?2021-01-10T18:58:59+00:00

We’re staying at a beautiful house surrounded by forest when we remain at site. You’ll be sharing the room with 2 other people. Besides that, there’s still a living room, a good shower and (bubble) bath and a kitchen. The majority of the time you will be outside. During the trek we’ll be staying in tents and most likely sharing a tent with either 1 person or 2. We provide the tents 🙂

What is the difficulty of the trek?2021-01-10T11:54:20+00:00

Challenging but doable, we carry our own clothes and backpack. The Himalayas there’s a lot of ups and downs. They call it “Nepali flat”. HA. Anyways, we’ve taken people with vertigo and astma who were still able to pull it off. It’s more of a mental game, besides that, we will be preparing you as good as we can. Again, challenging but doable. You can always reach out to us if there’s a specific question regarding this.

What will be our accommodation?2021-01-10T11:50:55+00:00

In the cities we’re staying in Hostels. In Kathmandu it’s higher segment hostel in the middle of the city district and in Pokhara a bit outside of the centre with a beautiful chill area. During the trek we’ll be staying in teahouses, simple accommodations where we will eat and have breakfast before we head out.

Can I pay in installments?2021-01-09T12:43:19+00:00

Yes you can as long as the full amount is paid 1 month prior to departure. See the various options in the form to choose the one that suits you most.

Who should I contact for collaborations?2021-01-13T09:04:30+00:00

We’re very much open to bundling forces. You can contact us through: info@aneverendingjourney.com

If I join the Fellowship, what are the first tasks?2020-08-22T12:18:48+00:00

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Will we have a separate room and separate beds?2020-05-01T13:58:05+00:00

The rooms are a 2 person bedroom, but the beds are separated. Enjoy the good company!


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