Inspire an adventurous mindset & real connection


RUN & RAVE – We organized a two-day event in IJmuiden. The first day for 50 press and influencers and the second day for 50 outdoor lovers. They could experience On’s special Cloud technology. Women’s Health, Barts Boekje and OneFit wrote about it.


HIKE & DISCOVER – We took 30 influencers & press on an adventure in Dutch nature. We went foraging, did a ice bath in the forest and ended the experience with a 3-course vegan lunch. Holistik, Barts Boekje, Rick Brandsteder and Sharon Pieksma were there.



SUNRISE HIKE – We made the impossible, possible. We organized a hike through nature by sunrise. We did a cold plunge in a lake and ended the day making our own bread above the fire. A wild experience!


SPECIAL TRIATHLON – How to test a sports watch? We took press & influencers on a crazy challenge. A mountainbike ride through the dunes of Bergen, a trail run and we finished with a ice bath on the beach. Yvette Broch, Men’s Health and Runner Magazine joined the challenge.



NIGH TIME HIKE – If we drop you of in nature by night, do you know how the find your cabin? We took 8 press and influencers to the test during this 2-day event. Stijn Fransen, Barbara Sloesen and Women’s Health participated in this nature adventure.



We have over 10 years of experience in organizing PR and business event. Are you looking for a special nature adventure? We would like to help you out. Send an e-mail to

A Neverending Journey

A Neverending Journey is inspires people to be more courageous in life and pushes the importance of real human connection. We also organise experiences for companies to inspire an adventurous and courageous mindset that dilutes into work. These experiences also invite in human connection.

Like in the movies, we would fight harder, run faster, laugh more, work harder, when we would know who we are doing it for, because we’re in this adventure of life together. Now we inspire colleagues in nature to integrate this mindset so it radiates into the corporate culture too.

A combination of adventure/nature and real connection that you will not easily find somewhere else.

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How they experienced their journey

“I’ve found my true essence and life values. I see the beauty in every person and I’m not in a constant rush anymore”

- Dennis

“Whether or not it seems necessary to you, you’ll find it insightful, fun, confronting and adventurous. You’ll be able to push your boundaries & challenge yourself. All while connecting with yourself, others and nature”

- Manon

“A surprisingly low-key way of getting to know yourself and the world of others while being on a beautiful Journey”

- Regina

Let’s get in touch

Are you looking for an adventurous company trip where people connect with each other and nature? We are specialised in personalised company events, as well as PR events. We know the most beautiful spots in The Netherlands where we can organise just what you are looking for. We’ve also got the team ready for you, from hike and rave, a sunrise hike, making bread above a bonfire, bushcraft, nature walks, a triathlon with a trail run, mountainbike adventure and cold plunge afterwards or whatever you want. We get it poppin’. Reach out and see what we can brew together.

With more than 10 years of experience in organising PR events for international sport brands, we have strong connections in the Dutch media landscape and with nature minded influencers. Do you want to get your brand out there? Organizing a PR event with us is just what your brand might need.

Let’s Talk Life the podcast

A podcast inspired by people’s stories and emotions. So whether you’re a guru, a model, a business person, full-time traveler or whatsoever. We’re on the same journey called life. Our podcasts are full of experiences you can relate to and tips and lessons for life.