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Physical Preparation

The exercises that help you get ready for any trek


The introduction

There’s a few things that matter during a trek. We always say that it’s a 50/50 game. Gear/preparation & the other one is mind’set’ or mind’free’ 🙂 . If we can tackle the probabilities the better don’t you think? So here’s a list of exercises that will help you create balance, cardio, strength and endurance.

Balance: results in making sure that every step is a good step, well placed. Plus it is a good way to get to know your body and how you respond.

Strength: the stronger the muscles, the longer you can go. The stronger the muscles, the less pressure there may be on the joints & tendons. Therefore, a very important element.

Endurance: getting used to walking longer times per day and to a backpack. If you go from a 20 minute stroll around the park to a 6 hour hike is quite a difference. Get familiar with endurance & distance.

Cardio: key, it keeps you going. You will be familiar with a rising heart rate, combine it with something you like; running, walking, biking/spinning, kickboxing, you name it!




Alright, this is a joke 🙂 But then again, imagine picking up your backpack in such fashionable style. Probably even the mountains will break their neck seeing you do this.



Good to get your heart rate going and getting used to explosively moving up and landing on your feet again. Resembling sometimes the explosiveness of stepping up a stairs or landing when going down.


Step up

This is one that you will definitely come across maaany times. Make sure to grab the stairs wherever you are. Tendons tend to take a longer time to get stronger compared to muscle growth. Start with 3 x 20. Then you can always add weight! if you do, dumbells on both side, or a sand bag on the shoulders.


Bag/Backpack raise & squat

Good for the upper body and getting used to standing up and moving with weight. Strengthen the shoulders so when you pick up your back you’ll have the ultimate swing!


Jumping jacks

A good warmup exercise to increase the heart rate and also gently put pressure on the tendons around the knees and ankles while pushing up and the impact of falling down help strengthen the muscles.

3 minutes in total. Try 3 at once, if you managed that, increase speed, go a bit deeper.


Good for strengthening the legs & core and at the same time trying to keep a straight spine. You can add weight by holding a dumbell in front of you or wearing backpack with stuff in it.

Start with 3×20
Then 3×20 weighted
Then 3×10 jumping squats

Step down

Good for strengthening the legs & core and at the same time trying to keep a straight spine. Try to keep your leg straight. You can always look for support on the side, something you can hold on to for extra support to pull up and slowly lower. The more straight the leg goes down, the easier, if you want to increase difficulty, bring the leg more into an L. This will have you moving more towards what they can a ‘pistol squat’.

Start with 3×10
opt. 3×10 weighted

Have fun!

Allow yourself to be creative and trust on what you think will be a good exercise to prepare yourself for the journey. Innately we have all the responses if we really take the time to listen. And especially, have fun! The journey has already started!


Good exercises for the knees and core! If you feel you got this one nailed down 3x 20. Then you can move up by adding weight on your back over your shoulders, our dumbells on the side. If you want some fun you can also try the jumping lunges. Jump up and switch into the next lunge.

Start with 3×20.
Then 3×20 weighted
Then 3×20 jumping lunges

Optional: lunges downhill or uphill.

Cross Lunge

Veeeery good for the joints and tendons. Getting used to less common steps and allowing yourself to be aware of it and have it controlled. So control is key, not the amount of sets you can do. So be gentle in this one.


Cross Step up

Getting used to the different steps that you may take and giving your tendons the margin to get used to steps that are not flat and ‘perfect’. This is a good one! You can always add weight on your shoulders: backpack/sandbag



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