A text written by Oscar serving as a daily prayer to remind yourself of what it means to be human and how we can always thrive if we live by certain values. The piece of text is uniquely handwritten by Oscar on special ‘Lokda’ paper coming from Nepal.

Here’s the transcript of the text.

A Being of the World

I seek solus to be whole

Adventure to feel comfortable

The unknown to feel familiar

I get my hands dirty to wash myself with humility

I know that I have to get lost first in order to find myself

I know that in the darkness the only thing I can see is light,

which is mine

I find courage when I have nowhere to go but myself

I now that my breath will always serve as my safe haven

And through my breath I will be able to hear beyond silence

I can let go because I have faith in life

I can let grow because I believe in love

Out of love, I give of what I have become

And through love I will let love

Always be my answer