Remember who you are

Who are you, what do you stand for, inner peace and clarity in turbulent times


Remember who you are

Now more than ever in these turbulent times we should be able to hear beyond the noise. To truly distinguish what we feel and not what the external environment is. This is for those who sense confusion within themselves, restlessness, doubts and maybe losing hope. But also for those who want to reaffirm what they already feel and see that they’re not alone in this. It is time.

  • More clarity than ever before
  • Distinguish what you feel from what’s out there
  • Develop a set of life values that you stand for
  • Develop faith in the course of your life and the world
  • Understand and feel what you truth is
  • Keeping the hopes up




This is a spontaneous online event that will be held via Zoom because life calls for our help. After purchase you will receive a link where you can log in on the day of the event.


This evening will be a mix of sharing worlds, what we feel, what is happening with us. We will be guiding you on an inner journey (guided meditation) that will bring you back to your truth and your source. We’ll take the time to develop a set of life values that will be the North on your compass. We’ll also be sharing insights and how to have faith in the course of life and your own life.


€15,- incl. VAT

What you need to know
  • Bring journal
  • Arrive with an open heart
  • Give it your all
  • Life changing
  • Zoom session

“It is time, time to listen what lives inside of us and stand up for what we believe in”

Meet your guide

Hi there!

My name is Oscar, I like to call myself a life-alchemist, a Jedi and an adventurer. Sounds like a big-deal right!?

Nothing more than just a big fan of life that came to realize after traveling a great part of the world and always dealing with different people, that we’re not so different from each other. We go through the same phases, deal with the same emotions, identity and search for meaning. And this is what I want to share, by creating an opportunity to share this journey called life together. Obviously with a lot of adventure, courage and connection. Because we’re in this together.