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The journey inward & outside

Germany | July | August | 2023


The Journey Forest Lands

An 8 day experience of personal exploration and adventure travel through the Black Forest in Germany. The difference from the other Journeys is that this one involves camping and bringing your own food. We’ll be trekking, camping, bonfires, group sharing and a seriously beautiful house that we call basecamp where we will stay at. Challenge yourself mentally and physically on the trek and deepen your self exploration through our The Journey program. The beauty of it? We’re gonna do this with likeminded people, together.

Enough fluffy stuff, what’s practically waiting for you…



Group size

The group is limited to 6 people + 1 or 2 (life) guides to ensure the intimacy of the group and have an equal and honest energy division amongst all.


We’ll be staying in Alpirsbach we’re walking from Baiersbronn into the National Park Schwarzwald.

Duration & Program

The Journey will be 8 days long, including arrival and departure day. Arrival day is the first day and departure day the last day.


July 2023

Friday 21 till Friday 28 (8 days)
August 2023
Friday 18 till Friday 25 (8 days)


€1212,- incl. VAT – 8 days or in instalment and a first deposit of €345,- Both via link ‘join adventure’.

Included all (Pre-Journey & the Journey activities)
  • All accommodations
  • All food (except for alcohol)
  • Hiking (guide, tents, camping spots)
  • Gear workshop (Pre-Journey)
  • Discounts at many partners stores and brands
  • Physical preparation (Pre-Journey)
  • Guidance through all processes
  • Some good ol’ 10% to 30%discount for outdoor shopping
  • The adventurers’ package (worth €130). You can see it when you scroll all the way down to the gallery.
  • * Refund if due to the BIG C
  • Transport to location
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Equipment & gear
  • Unplanned surprises brought to us by life!



A strong focus on personal growth through 6 step journey from getting out of your own way, finding your way, up to making way.


Every. single. night. a. bonfire. The place to be where good conversations and fun is guaranteed!


A good 3 day walk that is adventurous, fun and still a good challenge! You’ll be carrying food, drinks, clothes & part of a tent.


A 2 day camping experience with possibility of a bonfire at night. Enjoying your warm old school expedition food and good conversations!

1-on-1 sessions

There’s always time to focus on you alone in your own Journey with one of our life-guides. So reach out when you need personal assistance. We’ll check in with you.


A beautiful house close to a village surrounded by forest to relax in between the days we’re not trekking. The house is good stuff, bbq, bonfire, chill spot.

What people like you experienced

“I now know better what direction I want to take and became aware of the power of human connection”

- Dennis

“A journey of a week that felt like much more than a week. So much that has happend. If you are open to it and fully commit. This journey is a perfect example of life. How you move, how you stand still and how you proceed things in life. With space, love and light you become more aware and remove step by step layers that you built for protection. But it is not needed anymore. You can become your beautiful authentic self.”

- Meltem

“Whether or not it seems necessary to you, you’ll find it insightful, adventurous, confronting but fun. You’ll be able to push your boundaries & challenge yourself. All while connecting with yourself, others and nature”

- Manon

“Loved connecting with nature, the group, but mostly finding a deeper connection within myself. Highly recommend!”

- Morrin

“Very supportive guidance, good trekking route and camps. I feel more powerful and with much more confidence”

- Evelien

“I discovered that I’m a great group person. I made new friends. I rediscovered my connection with nature and how she helps me. Awareness of the beauty of a simple life. How I can fully be myself around people and how that helps others. How rain and other uncomfortable situations actually are not uncomfortable with the right mindset and right people around you”

- Marten

“No guru telling you how to live your life, we do this together”

Meet your guide

Hi there!

My name is Oscar, I like to call myself a life-alchemist, a Jedi and an adventurer. Sounds like a big-deal right!?

Nothing more than just a big fan of life that came to realize after traveling a great part of the world and always dealing with different people, that we’re not so different from each other. We go through the same phases, deal with the same emotions, identity and search for meaning. And this is what I want to share, by creating an opportunity to share this journey called life together. Obviously with a lot of adventure, courage and connection. Because we’re in this together.


What will be our accommodation?2021-01-10T18:58:59+00:00

We’re staying at a beautiful house surrounded by forest when we remain at site. You’ll be sharing the room with 2 other people. Besides that, there’s still a living room, a good shower and (bubble) bath and a kitchen. The majority of the time you will be outside. During the trek we’ll be staying in tents and most likely sharing a tent with either 1 person or 2. We provide the tents 🙂

What is the difficulty of the trek?2021-01-10T11:59:23+00:00

It’s challenging but doable. We believe in rising in our power and see that the mind is often what limits us. A 3 day trek can be challenging, but won’t wore you out. Therefore, by the time you’re really done, you’re already back. We’ll be carrying our food and tents for the 3 days! It’s a real adventure!! I am sure you got this, we’ve had person with chronic fatigue who made it (on willpower).

What about the food?2021-01-10T12:00:58+00:00

This will be minimum vegetarian, on the first day food is provided, then we sit together and decide and what to eat and then we cook together. It’s good fun! Ah and outside we’ve a barbecue! During the trek it’s simple oatmeal morning, some lunch, and expedition food in the night! The real experience!

How do I get there?2021-06-29T23:11:13+00:00

Our basecamp/house is in Alpirsbach in Germany. There are several options to get there. Normally we carpool together to get to the location. Also public transport leaves you close to the house.

My question is not in here2021-01-11T11:18:27+00:00

Don’t worry be happy. Just send us a message to info@aneverendingjourney.com and we’ll get back to you asap.

What is the refund for this Journey?2021-09-22T09:43:19+00:00

We’ve agreed with the majority of our partners to get a full refund if the Journey gets cancelled due to COVID. Which means that our aim is to provide you as much back as we can. If we manage to do that, then you can decide whether you want to leave a share for the effort made. Please know that it’s your own responsibility if you get sick. We will at least have to cover the costs we made for counting on you (groceries, accommodation etc…) and cover the time it will take us to find a new person. Only in the end we will be able to tell you what the refund will be. This depends on each Journey. We’re not responsible for you getting sick beforehand. Even then we’ll try to give back as much as we can.

What do I really need for this journey for the trekking part?2021-06-29T23:08:41+00:00

This trekking will give you a good idea of what it means to be on a multiple day hike. It is a bit like if you go sporting, you can bring shorts, leggings, some sport socks. Make sure to always bring a nice warm fleece sweater and a waterproof jacket. Important are shoes that offer you a bit more grip and are more solid for a good day of walking. Therefore, some trail shoes or ankle protection is really recommended. Besides that you’ll be backpacking! A backpack of approx 50 liters would suffice. If you’re in need of items that you may not be using again we can always rent them out to you.

So, backpack 50 liter, good walking shoes, fleece sweater, rain jacket may be things you haven’t got yet. Sport outfits you may have already.

Please know that before we leave you’ll get a video and a packing list on what to bring.

How does ‘do we do’ food?2022-01-19T16:22:46+00:00

There’s a budget that we have that we can spend on food. The intention is to prepare the meals together. See it as another activity that we do together. Bond, team up and get it poppin’ in the kitchen!


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