We are forgetting what’s truly important

We’ve exchanged bonfires, meaningful conversations, real connection and nature for thicker walls, more artificial lightning, quick connection apps and virtual glasses.

Slowly distance ourselves from the place that actually makes life possible, earth. Slowly giving in to artificial chats and small talks.

All that ever made us feel alive & can never be replaced. Nature & Human connection.

The place where we actually feel home and at peace.

With the right people & at the right place.

Let’s bring back human connection & our connection to nature.

To create a life worth living, together.


Our Offerings

Whether you’re new to the game for a first night camping our want more adventure. There’s something for everyone. Do the test and find out what suits you best!


Oct // Nov


21 days in Nepal. Group sharing, trekking, volunteering & meeting our local friends. See 8000+ mountains, meet monks, learn the language & much more.

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No longer a stranger in nature! A 5 day event in Sweden learning all tricks & tools to thrive in nature & gain all the knowledge about flora & fauna.

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These unseen heroes are carrying the weight of the world sometimes on their shoulders for tourists. Let’s thank them by providing them with gear that’s locally produced!

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Nov // Dec // Jan // Feb


Multiple days of quality time for yourself where you have nothing to worry about. Share worlds with like minded people while being in nature

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How they experienced their journey

“I’ve found my true essence and life values. I see the beauty in every person and I’m not in a constant rush anymore”

- Dennis

“Whether or not it seems necessary to you, you’ll find it insightful, fun, confronting and adventurous. You’ll be able to push your boundaries & challenge yourself. All while connecting with yourself, others and nature”

- Manon

“A surprisingly low-key way of getting to know yourself and the world of others while being on a beautiful Journey”

- Regina

Let’s Talk Life the podcast

A podcast inspired by people’s stories and emotions. So whether you’re a guru, a model, a business person, full-time traveler or whatsoever. We’re on the same journey called life. Our podcasts are full of experiences you can relate to and tips and lessons for life.